A331PV Card Feeding and Labeling System

A331PV is specially designed for the personalization and scratch-off labeling of different types of card products carrying a PIN. The system can be equipped with various inspection devices to ensure uninterrupted operation and output quality. The compact system and integrated process is flexible, reliable and easy to use. The A331PV operation process (some steps are optional) Card feeding→Double card detection→Double card rejection→Data printing→OCR inspection→OCR rejection→Scratch-off labeling→Scratch-off Label inspection→Labeling rejection→Cross edge overprinting→ Card collection.


  • Applicable for the CR80 standard cards in portrait or landscape orientation, as well as cards of other sizes and shapes.
  • Optional double card detection and rejection device on card feeding to ensure the subsequent process not interrupted by double cards.
  • Optional inspection system to ensure correct printed data. Error cards will be rejected automatically. Control software will log rejected cards and allow reprinting in batch.
  • Powerful job control software for database management, printing control, data inspection, rejection, reprinting, job reporting, and hardware control, allowing the operation to have full control of the jobs and the system conveniently from one station.
  • Work with different kinds and brands of ink jet printers to allow maximum print capability and flexibility. Standard system host up to 3 inkjet printheads with possibility for expansion.
  • Other expansion options: inspection camera for label quality and precision, extra printhead for cross-edge overprinting on the scratch label for extra security.