A331 Card Feeding and Labeling System

A331 is specially designed for affixing a scratch off label to cover the PIN on various pre-paid cards such as telephone cards, internet cards, game cards, and gift cards etc. A331 automatically feeds the cards for labeling and then collect them in a receiving conveyor in a orderly manner. On line coding device such as an ink jet printer can be added so that print and PIN and scratch labeling coverage can be done in one step.


  • Applicable for the CR80 standard cards in portrait or landscape orientation, as well as cards of other sizes and shapes.
  • Cards can be separated into sub-batches of a pre-set size on the collection belt, making it easy for subsequent handling and job statistic.
  • Work with various types of inkjet printing devices for the on line printing of PIN in one step.
  • Optional double card detection and rejection device on card feeding to ensure uninterrupted subsequent process of printing and labeling.
  • Integrated design, compact and easy to use.
  • User friendly interface with comprehensive help menus and information on system status and alerts.
  • Store up to 50 sets of operation settings (cards size and label size etc.) to facilitate repeated jobs.