GT Rotary Hot Stamping Machine

Hot stamping method is a more secure and cost efficient method to affix the scratch panel on PIN cards. Rotary hot stamping offers high speed operation and superb foil transfer quality. The CardsmarkGT even offers a wonderful foil saving function that will make your investment easily justifiable.


  • Fit for stand alone operation or in-line use with the Cardsmark.
  • The best combination of operation speed and foil saving performance ever achieved in the industry.
  • Throughput up to 15,000 cards per hour.
  • Printing precision up to ±1.0mm.
  • Foil use efficiency higher than 80% (8mm x 40mm single panel)
  • Large coverage area. Support full card length printing and multi-strip printing.
  • Independent card feeder and belt conveyor with vacuum conveying device to allow flexible stamping area and accuracy.
  • Stable and wide-ranged temperature adjustment, as well as high precision head pressure adjustment to adapt to different foil and card materials.
  • Highly user-friendly touch-screen operation panel. Chinese or English menus. Made of the best of the class materials and components of world-class brands.