Cardspak Card Wrapping Machine

Designed for high speed wrapping of ISO (CR80) and Mini (1/2CR80) cards with wrapping film. Continuous motion and ultra-sonic sealing method ensures high speed and reliable operation of up to 20,000 pcs./hour.


  • Optional registration function to allow use of pre-printed film with registration photo mark.
  • Applicable for both paper card, PVC and PE card, of thickness as thin as 0.3mm Use of an indexed chain conveyor connected to a continuous motion holding conveyor for card insertion, ensuring full synchronization of cards with the film in the whole process.
  • PLC controlled with user friendly touch panel control.
  • Ultra-sonic sealing for high-speed perfect sealing.
  • Personalization pattern at the sealing edge.
  • Achieve just 1mm variance between the card edge and the bag edge.
  • Optional 1m long horizontal card loading conveyor to allow one user to preload a large quantily of cards which can maximize the machine throughput.
  • Optional film folding module to allow double film length which can maximize the machine throughput.
  • Optional printer/applicator to allow applying synchronized data label on the fan-folded card stack at the end.
  • Various inspection devices can be integrated for quality control as options: double card, consecutive card numbers, and card number data records etc. (Optional)
  • Cards can be collected in single bag or in fan-folded stacks of preset quantity Suction assisted waste film strip collection.
  • Safety enclosure.
  • Linear machine alignment to achieve continuous motion mode.