TF Series Tray Former

TF Series is a list of compact units to make the inner trays for pharmaceutical cartons. Using roll form PVC film, and through the process of heat softening, molding, and die-cutting, single trays can be made at the packaging line, allowing great saving on inventory and shipment costs. TF Series can also be integrated with the Colamark Tray Inserters to achieve further efficiency gain.


  • Work Process: Film infeed → Thermal softening → Molding & Cooling → Die-cutting → Collection (stand alone mode) or to Tray Inserter (inline mode)
  • Compact and small foot-print.
  • Servo driven film movement for fast and precise film positioning.
  • PLC controlled operation.
  • User friendly touch control panel HMI.
  • Safety enclosure.
  • Multiple trays per mold possible.
  • Seamless connection to Colamark’s tray insertion machine.