A103 Этикетировочная машина ротационного типа для этикетировки цилиндрических флаконов

A103 is designed for high precision labeling on small pharmaceutical bottles such as vials, ampoules, and oral drink bottles, particularly that the bottle cannot stand stably by itself for movement. Using an indexing turn-table for bottle movement and 3-point holding method for labeling action, the system is able to control the motion of the bottles stably throughout the process and achieve high labeling precision. Unique cushioning mechanism to ensure no bottle breakage even at high speed movement. Precise product inspection at high speed and patented positive push diversion star-wheel ensures accurate rejection of defective products upon inspection.


  • Syringes unloaded from full nest, plunger-rod fed by vibrating feeder, indexing turntable with stations for inserting plunger-rod, tightening, and labeling.
  • Robust design and use of world-class materials and components to ensure exceptional performance, stability and quality.
  • The labeling system uses the proven emery traction roll and servo drive technology to ensure extra precision and long term stability.
  • Various on-line coding options, including hotstamping, inkjet, laser, thermal transfer are available to meet customer’s specific needs.
  • Various inspection options are also available to detect missing label, missing code, wrong code, missing plunger-rod etc. to ensure quality output for the user. Defective items are automatically collected in a rejection tray.