A521 Semi-auto Labeling Machine for Flat Bottles

A521 is designed for simple labeling application on flat bottles for the cosmetics, personal care products, and medical products industries.


  • Extra precision and labeling quality is achieved by a holding jig which holds the object at both the bottom and the top with pneumatic assistance to achieve stability and placement consistence.
  • The jig is then moved horizontally and the label is wiped on to eliminate any possibility of air bubbles.
  • Optical sensor detection, labeling dispensing and adaptation in one shot Pneumatically controlled jig movement for smooth labeling. Jig can be changed easily to cater for different bottle shapes.
  • User-friendly interface with easy-to-use operation menus and comprehensive functions including on-line help menus, up to 50 sets of pre-set parameters, various alert and fault indication messages, label quantity management and Chinese/English interface etc.
  • Other options….

Hot-stamping code for synchronized coding

Wide labeling engine