A700 Soft Tube Labeling System

Designed for wrap-around labeling on empty soft tubes. Also applicable for orientation labeling on soft-tubes that have a detectable orientation features. Particularly suitable for the packaging requirements of the cosmetics, personal care and food packaging industries. The fact that the tube body is lack of rigidity and the label is normally very soft and transparent causes new labeling challenges — raised label corners, air bubbles, and tube path blockage …etc.


  • High precision wraparound, dual label, and orientation labeling.
  • Orientation labeling: 80pcs/min.
  • non-orientation labeling: up to 120 pcs/min.
  • Quick change mandrels to cater for different tube sizes.
  • High precision cam indexing drive: reliable, maintenance free, and precise position of tubes.
  • Label adapting roll of carefully selected material elasticity, and precisely adjustable pressure — ensure firm label hold down and eliminate air bubbles effectively.
  • Desktop level hopper for easy loading material. Horizontal conveying of tubes is handled by roller conveyor & separation by rotating wheel to overcome path blockage.
  • Tube insertion to mandrel driven by fully synchronized mechanical motions.
  • Highly rigid frame structure, Safety enclosure and door switches.
  • Easy operation: just 10 minutes to change tube size.
  • Automatic stop at low material.
  • User-friendly touch screen operation panel: Simple operation, comprehensive functions, online help, parameter memory, alerts, and Chinese or English menus.
  • Missing label inspection device is optional. Failed tubes will be rejection & collection.