A751EP Sheet Feeding Thermal Transfer Overprinting System

An effective solution for thermal transfer overprinting variable information such as barcodes, data, date, time, batch number, graphics, and sequential numbers etc. on sheet form materials such as pre-formed packaging bags, unfolded cartons, cards and tags etc.


  • Separates and feeds sheet form materials such as pre-formed bags, unfolded cartons, cards and other pre-cut materials continuously for printing.
  • Thermal transfer overprinter achieves unique printing content for each sheet. Typical application includes unique product ID barcode, serial codes, PIATS code for anti-counterfeit and distribution control purposes.
  • Suction assisted conveyor to hold material stably during transport to ensure consistent and precise positioning of material and printing.
  • The Easyprint thermal transfer overprinter prints high quality and high resolution variable marks on PE, PP, Tyvek and other paper materials.
  • Optional vision inspection system to ensure data accuracy against the original database.
  • Robust design and use of world class control components to ensure long term stability and reliability. All materials used comply with GMP requirements.