A188 Stand-alone labeling machine

For automatic labeling on products or packaging on the production line to achieve the objective of product identification, anti-counterfeiting, or other functional requirements. A wide range of configurations and optional accessories are available to meet different application requirements.

A188 is designed for easy addition to the packaging line for automatic application of labels on to the packages. A188 can be mounted on the floor by the line with the standard X-Y adjustment stand and can be moved among different positions easily. A188 can also be mounted on a parent packaging machine for synchronized application.


  • Labeling speed reaches 50 meter per minute.
  • Flexible mounting stand, suitable for changing work station frequently.
  • Unique design of label traction unit using sand-glass traction roll to ensure stable gripping of the label web without the slipping as well as long lasting performance and precision.
  • All electrical components are of world renowned brands, ensuring long term stability and reliability of the machine.