A104 Vertical Labeling System with Rotary Table for Vials

A104 is specially designed for high speed and precision labeling on vials and other small pharmaceutical bottles. Straight line layout and spacing worm are used for easy inline connection. Rotary indexing table aligns vials at three points enabling extra stability and high precision labeling at all speeds. Optional label and code inspection. Patented positive drive rejection wheel mechanism ensures accurate rejection of defective products orderly during high speed operation.


  • Vertical transportation of bottles in the full cycle.
  • Use of rotary turntable and feeding worms throughout the path for bottle movement and indexing to ensure bottle movement stability.
  • Properly indexed bottle position to ensure inspection and rejection consistence.
  • Various optional inspection devices including missing code detection, missing label detection, visual system inspection for label content and placement accuracy etc.
  • Rejection device at fully indexed pace to ensure accurate rejection at high operation speed.
  • Bottle is gripped at 3 points at labeling to ensure proper alignment between bottle and label.
  • Inline operation mode or use of feeding table for stand alone operation Connects seamlessly to the Colamark tray insertion machines for tray insertion of the labeled bottles — another step of integrated automation at your packaging line.
  • High speed operation at up to 450 bpm.
  • Optional high speed hot stamping coder or thermal transfer overprinter at matching speed.
  • Safety enclosure and safety door switches.
  • PLC controlled operation.
  • User friendly HMI with program memory.